Post your NEWEST shiny

Whoooooosh!!! :smiley:


Done in 20 raids!


First raid… WHY NOT LUGIA


Be happy. I did 3 raids on both accounts and no shiny.

You aren’t alone on that, by any stretch. I did 25 raids on both accounts so far this event (8 on Azelf and 17 on Mesprit) and no shiny. After the abysmal shiny rate my main had on Lugia, it’s downright shiny-starved.

Still chasing! At least there’s a little candy and dust for the trouble…

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Thought I’d get in before the Shiny Oshy invasion. That’s only my 2nd Shiny Caterpillar.
I won’t be bothering to chase Shiny Lake Trio. I got past Shiny FoMo a long time ago. Raids will only be done on non Gold Gyms.
So far 0/6

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Finally snaffled the red eyes, that has blue eyes, which have turned red again…