Post your NEWEST shiny



This is my NINTH Shiny Sneasel.


Ahhh, I was already thinking that. Is the Kantonian Meowth included though? As I saw someone getting that right after me and someone else I know got a Shiny Alolan Meowth.


I have a theory: The Kantonian Meowth is not or less boosted. The source I use most likely including the Kanto and Alolan form in the rate of about 1:120.

The Alolan Meowth spawns much more and is most likely boosted. So it’s actual rate is probably higher. I guess about 1:60 or even 1:45.


Might very well be true, I see a a lot of people reporting they have found a Shiny Alolan Meowth.


And still no Shiny Meowth. After Spotlight hour I’ll throw in a insence.

But got this one, a second female. And again the first one was better so I evolved it.


Fourteenth Shiny Chimchar (apparently I have more Shiny Bronzor than I have Shiny Chimchar :sweat_smile:) 1st Shiny Skorupi. A very nice looking Shiny! So glad I have it! :star_struck:


Yeah, I caught two shiny Alolan Meowth today


Both in my office at work.
Meowth yesterday and gunk tonight.


My first ever shiny-shadow!


I half-joked that it would be funny if this was a Shiny, and LO AND BEHOLD!!


This is actually my second full odds Shiny Wingull. I did get a lot of them when they were Shiny boosted though.


FOOL’S GOLD! My first golden nugget! :pick::high_brightness::grinning:



Sunburned pretty bad


My second!


Went out rowing :rowing_woman:… caught a Krab


Blimey! …are all krabbys this green colour now? :wink::upside_down_face:



From today’s CD! My first shundo and almost perfect shiny Alolan Grimer! :sparkles: :100: :four_leaf_clover: :star_struck:


Had a bit of shiny luck after Community Day ended…
4th Krabby, 2nd Zubat, 5th Shelder, 2nd Meditite