Post your NEWEST shiny



It was a Growlithe. I forgot to take the pic before evolving.


Not many research reward Pokémon are worth keeping. (Because of the low level.)
This is certainly one of those keepers, though. :astonished::star_struck::joy:



Better late than never.



First Chansey, third Seel.


Got this in work place car park as soon as I arrived today. 6 Karp and 2 Red Gary. For some reason I don’t mind getting more of this one.


That is called nostalgia :slight_smile:
Magikarp was the first shiny released to Pokemon go, and gyarados is the most iconic shiny there is.

I don’t mind getting me another golden magikarp as well


Professor Willow passed me a Shiny Misdreavus Smoothie today. The smoothie was delicious but I forgot Misdreavus is a Ghost-type; The Misdreavus became mad and it’s now decided to only let me show Pokémon in the same colors as Shiny Misdreavus has. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Congratulations! 8 different shinies the same day is usually a GoFest phenomenon…


The Kabuto was actually from yesterday but I forgot to post it.


Still, more than one shiny a week seems like a bodacious bonanza to me. ¡Muchas Felicidades!

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From Research Task yesterday.

Think I’m about 8-9 deep into the 20 sets of 3 so far. There’s no counter to show how many you’ve done. Each new set of 3 tasks only appears with the next Pokemon encounter.


And just like that, another one:



Snubull tasks all completed. Total of 4 in the end.


It took quite long but I actually ended up getting two Shiny Snubbull. Glad, because I didn’t have this one. Johto Throwback event has really been going well already!


Hey! What’s this? I have more shiny luck (when counting only snubbulls from the event) than @Jormdeworm?

Praise lord helix and arceus :crazy_face::joy:


The Snubbull event was good to me. Total of 5 shinies, though they all came from the research and none from wild spawns… actually I didn’t see any snubbull wild.

Also got this at the end…


Even more praise to both lord helix and arceus, and perhaps Bird Jesus