Post your NEWEST shiny



Why get a bland shiny torchic, when you can get an E P I C Lotad ?




I’m jealous…:upside_down_face: Alolan Marowak is one of those I’m aiming for next (this and Alolan Raichu…)


I got lucky was the first raid ever did for that one


OMG! I almost didn’t get it! I went to the nearby Poke stop to finish my research for today (make 5 nice throws). There were 3 Pokemon. One of them was Growlithe. I tapped on it and it was shiny:sparkles:!!! I used golden razz berry and then the game lagged and the spinning circle wouldn’t stop. Then it said network error. I tried to catch it without the golden razz berry, I used ultra ball, the screen froze, then the map reappeared but without Growlithe and there was a message: Error, this item couldn’t be used here. I checked my inventory, but Growlithe wasn’t there. My heart sank. I restarted the game and Growlithe was still there! I immediately caught it! Phew, that was close!


Got a shiny charmander!!!


Glad you got it. Also, Shiny Growlithe isn’t yellow? I’ve just noticed I have always had a color changer on on my phone. :rofl: Instead of Shiny Growlithe’s orange color the color changer has always shown me a more yellow color. I wasn’t even aware I had the color changer on.


Great story. Still don’t have my K-9


color changer? Changes shiny color to what you desire or not??


It’s an iPhone funcion. Don’t know why you should use it though. But apparently I have always had the color change function on without even knowing until I saw @Branebs’s Shiny Growlithe being orange on my laptop. :sweat_smile:

Edit: So it’s not that I can actually change colors but my phone is just showing a little different color sometimes, apparently. To be clear. If I actually could change any color to Shiny color I must’ve been bored by the game already. :upside_down_face:


hmm interesting


No no I was hoping this wasn’t Shiny. :cold_sweat: Glad I still managed to catch it, even though the battery was at 1% left.

Good thing is that I’m now on a three-day Shiny streak again.


Was surprised to catch this yesterday as my 6th Seel after its Shiny release was Shiny and now the 16th too. I have never had this awesome luck. Another Shiny family that is now complete.


A mini purple shiny streak for me this weekend – first an Omanyte, which hadn’t been on my mind, then a Snubbull, which had been a wish of mine for ages. :smiley:

And yes, the shiny Growlithe is more yellow / gold than orange.


I don’t have either of the above Shinies yet.



Also, this is just dumb.
So I was playing my ultra moon and was trying not to run into Pokémon but had no repels. So the moment I went into the grass, got a Wingull.
Turned out to be shiny lol



Just after finishing a pretty unsatisfying raid dinner hour I bagged this boy. I don’t plan to evolve it, because I like the way shiny Makuhita looks more than shiny Hariyama.