Post your main party


This is my main party


Well mines not as good as yours, but it’s still pretty good


like the laprases. They are very valuable


These are just my favourite Pokémon and ones that I really had to grind out and took me a while to get. Still searching for TMs to really improve a lot of Pokémon



Now I feel like I need to power up my Pokemon


I need to Power Up my Raikou.


Here’s mine… a few of them are lvl40. Mewtwo’s IV isnt that great but thats my first one so i powered up.!



Why block out the CP?


Powered up my 100 Kyogre



I feel low now welp


Why do you keep hiding the CP and names?


Team kinda changed. But pretty much the same.


I bash just about every thing with these Guys.

For Mew Two and recently Lugia and now the 2 new Dragons I’ll use this team.

For anything that double rock moves are great it’s my team of 6 Maxed out Golems.



The Lugia and dusclops are shiny btw. I’m trying to get this entire team up to 1000 victories but so far it’s just kyogre!


Lol why that castform


I really like castform, plus he’s my only 0% Pokémon!