Post Your Latest Catch You’re Happy With


We have threads for 100%, 0%, Shiny, Shadow, Purified, Latest Dex Entries, Hatch’s and a few other ones.
Couldn’t seem to find an already appropriate thread for Posting your latest catches your happy to get and add to your collection so here we are.
Tell a bit of a story on why your happy with it or just post a pic.


I’ve been home not well the last few days.
Sleep has been poor and very broken during this time waking at weird times all hot and itchy. It takes a while for the antihistamine tablet and cold pack to kick in before I can get off to sleep again. While I wait I open up the game and catch what ever spawns are at home and do some Trades between mine and the kids or wife’s accts as this often helps making me drowsy.
This morning when I woke all itchy I had a very rare and pleasant surprise spawn at home.


During the last Challenge event, I got this from a reward encounter. Sure, it’s not great, and sure, Swanna is also not that great, but hey, it’s a 96% that I was able to evolve fairly quickly for the entry.



Not sure where these fit with the Meta?
Considering I usually fail to get great ones of Meta relevant ones I’m hoping this has broken that run.


So last week I got a 15/14/15 larvitar from the research breakthrough. And today i got another 15/14/15 from the breakthrough. I will not complain


Apart from the larvitar, I got this yesterday:



I can finally get legendaries from raids! :star_struck:


Got this one on Saturday.
Still don’t know if Kyurem is Meta relevant to be worthy of using Dust and Candy?


And another. This sort of tells me It’s not going to be much use.
The game doesn’t like to give me great useful ones from Raids yet alone multiples.


Got this in a Raid on way to work.
Do I really need another great Ttar when I have 2x100% unevolved Larvitar and a few other 98%’s as well.
I can’t help myself, I have to keep it.


From Go Fest


Not… Quite…
It had the chance to be quite a good Mon but Niantic took away Icy Wind right before the release, rendering the base form weak (relatively) in both PvE and PvP
However! Black Kyurem is shaping to be an absolute monster (the shadows are still terifying though) and we do not know how will the transformation work, maybe it’ll keep the Kyurem’s IVs? We’ll see, you might want to power them up later on, but right now, unless you’re doing it for a personal reason, don’t power it up


Best IV caught so far this week.
Was in my office.


Captured sitting on my couch