Post your heatran


Post it here everyone.Good luck with heatran!


My team:
Lopunny has Low Kick/Focus Blast
Primeape: Counter/Low Sweep
Tauros: Tackle/Earthquake
Vaporeon: Water Gun/Aqua Tail
Gyarados: Waterfall/Hydro Pump/Outrage
Blastoise: Bite/Hydro Cannon


first one got 3


Congrats! I won’t be able to raid until Thursday, but even then I got too many plans. I probably won’t until Friday because my kids don’t have school that day.



Good job bro



Right on man


Went out last night for 3hrs and got 6 done all Weather Boosted. Didn’t start too good at 0/3 but turned that around to be 3/6 in the end.
Got a 100% on one of the kids at the very first Raid.


Congratulations bro


6/9 now. The Wife has a 100% as well now :man_facepalming:


Did 4 more on the Saturday at 1/4 catch so now sitting on 7/13.
All the ones on Saturday were Low end CP. After burning 12 Gold Razz and repeatedly hitting Curved Great or Excellent throws on the first one only to have it run I drew my line in the sand on Heatran. I will no longer waste Gold Razzes on these if the CP is low end as so far I’m using 3-4x as many Gold Razz to catch them v what it’s giving me in rewards for Raiding. No point doing them to go backwards. My care factor in trying to have a good catch % is now on 0 and I’m resigned to the fact that most will run from here on.


I got 1 so far. Last raid I did was Saturday.


Is it worth powering up?


91 IV
Also fast move is now fire spin