Post your hatched pokemon



This went well


Still no Mantyke or Chingling for me. :frowning:

I did hatch two Croagunk and one Skorupi yesterday though.


I’ve hatch over 200 Eggs in the last 2 weeks and around 270-80 for the 3 weeks.
Not 1 hatch has been a keeper to the collection. So glad I’m not purposely buying the Incubators to Hatch Pokemon. I’m just using the ones that are being throwing in with the Gift Passes which is what I’m buying the Boxes for.


Got some luck today…


welcome to the 96riolu squad, you’ll see the power of LUCARIO!


I don’t even have a riolu…


Do you recommend to buy second move on Riolu?


What is the chance of getting a Riolu from a 10k egg?


I haven’t found stats on that on reddit. But it is small, and I’m just very lucky.


Hatched a 98% Riolu from my Adventure Sync egg. Soon, I will FINALLY have a Lucario worth investing dust in. :smiley:


I hope I get a great Riolu soon. Lucario is my favorite Pokemon of all time. ;_;


I fist pumped and said “yeeeessss!”. Right in the office at work.


@VanHooIII congratulations. Anybody gave you a look? :sweat_smile:


Oh yes. The girl who sits next to me said “What on Earth …” … but I pointed out that I hatched an amazing Pokemon and she understood. lol

I have an army of Pokemon toys around my computer screen and have multiple Pokemon sketches on post it notes on my cubicle wall. :wink:


Got my 2nd. This time from a 7km egg.


Got a 91iv male Ralts from 10km adventure sync egg


Hatched this baby and 100% Starly, Starly hatches are pretty good to me, 2 96% and a 100%


My mom got oneadose


My dad got a Munchlax


It’s a good day today. Got a shiny Omanyte, my 3th snow castform and now this hatched.