Post your Feebas


Before the event begins Jan19th, are you ready for feebas? Post up your candy!

512! could even evolve this one but i wont.

Good luck with the event when it is launched!


I already evolved my 98% Feebas into Milotic. It had perfect Attack and Defense, so it was a natural choice to evolve.




I have a 98% milotic just for clarification also. 14/15/15

This just more pretains to Feebas/candy for Feebas event😈


I have a 98% Milotic as well. My Feebas candy:


How is a 15/15/14 a 96%? Mine is 14/15/15 and it’s 98%.




Its stats are 15/14-15/13-14 I just went with the highest numbers for the Post


Oh, so it hasn’t been narrowed down. I get it.


Yup so I just say 15/15/14 cuz technically it could be lol


Probably 15/14/14 or 15/14/13 but love your positivity


Odds are it would be 15/15/13 or 15/14/14 if that’s the range. Get me the leader appraisal, and I can give you a narrowed down one stat.


All the Feebas I get have bad IV’s.
Except for my 100% Milotic.
Tap on Summary if you want to see it.



Feebas was very interesting to evolve. Anyone with Milotic really earned it!


All my feebas are good a IV


Exact same.
But it’s fine… no cd for feebas now


Aye Ye Captain! :joy:


Dude so many people have the 15 15 14


I thought I was special damb


Hatched a 15 14 14 today