Post your Clamperl


Post your Clamperl.



I’ll trade like the half of them. Also like 25 have already been tranferred.


My best IV Clamperl.


Give all shinies to Giovanni.


Who is Giovanni?


Hundo and Best Shiny:



had more but sent them to the grinder


Congrats, @Arem1771, @Jormdeworm, @Branebs, @Cup, and @5GodLink ! I guess I’m metaphorically shiny now, because I’m absolutely green with envy.

Looks like I’ll be stuck at home all weekend, so I’m missing the Clamperl AND Latias events. That means my enjoyment of them is entirely vicarious, through y’all’s successes; so I hope you catch many more of those high-IVs and shinies and keep the posts coming!


I’ll trade you one dude


The Latias event has been extended until this Friday.


I couldn’t even log in. Only did a few.


I’ve saved 3 research tasks so this will not be all of them


Mighty kind of ya, John. If we ever get within trading range I’ll take you up on that! I owe my brother in Austin a visit; but it might be awhile.


Sweet, @darksylveon1 . Hopefully one of those will get you a shiny.

And thanks for the good news, @Arem1771


Let me know when you come to Austin we can meet up ad trade trade I’m about 45 minutes from there and I have a lot of friends there as well


What’s left after clean up.
177 Candy left after evolutions.