Post your 7k hatches


Post what hoenn Pokemon you have gotten from 7k eggs since the hoenn event started


I’m hatching a 7k egg I got before the event, I’m guessing it wont hatch a hoeen.


I want to get a Nincanda.


Do you know what pokemon can hatch


My question exactly. I still don’t know.


I hope I don’t hatch too many Alolans or Lileep or Anorith😞


There are 10 (ten in words) shiny, and the only one I have is the Beldum from his CD… I’m a little bit tired of this RNG. :sleeping:


I would like a Mantyke or Chingling. Seriously…a great Elekid would also be nice.


@Arem1771 @UltraInstinct841 its nincanda


I still need Mantyke and Chingling. I have an Absol, but it sucks and would love to hatch a good one. I also have a Nincada, but would be hyped about hatching more.

Ugh. I hate 7K eggs though. I already know that if I go all in, I’m going to end up with an army of Aololans and babies that I don’t want. lol


Want a mantyk


@VanHooIII is much closer to me though lol


We have got a list of what can be hatched
So this can be closed now


I thought this was where we post our 7km hatches


Alolan type is now available as spawn, should have been deleted as Egg Hatches to increase chance for other Pokemon on the list.


I FINALLY hatched a Chingling from one. All that’s left is Mantyke.

I’ve only hatched one Gen 3 (Mawile) so far, but I’m not mad about that.


I just hatched mantyke today was the last one I needed


Yes, I thought that too.




And that’s a wrap…for now. I imagine Happiny, Bonsly, and Mime Jr. will be brought into 7 km eggs.