Post you detective Pikachu photobombing



I’ll try in a few minutes.
Watch out I’ve seen mentions of fleeing.

Update: They are spawning in the wild right now. (But pics of that should be posted in the what spawned thread, of course)


Did level 5 raid boss changed?

Congrats for the pic, by the way. I dont have luck with Photobombing hahaha


Also found a mention of a visual bug. A photobomb by Pikachu without a hat. Also spawning without a hat. But it will have a hat after restarting the game.

It is not mine. It is from Reddit:



Post your photobombed shots!

First photo taken for me and also for Mrs celery.


I’m not sure but I think it’s guaranteed on the first photo of mine was on the first photo as well


I think it’s still the lake Guardians


My second. (It’s 1:16 am here btw) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Worked on one phone but not the other (whereas both worked for the other photobomb events). Using the one that worked, I had the detective pikachu escape twice and then flee.

Whee . . . :roll_eyes:




I had the without hat effect…

It showed up as well to catch without hat. And re starting gave it his hat.



All 3 are male. Anyone got a female? Not seen a female so far.

I think there should be, there is a female in the official picture:


Not here, my 2 have dongles.



My two are male…


My two are Males too.


My first one ran away, but the 2 I’ve caught since have been male.