Post shiny Meltan Here



I know there is the Post you Newest Shiny, but this is special.

  1. First mythical shiny in PoGo
  2. Becuase it is Meltan
  3. Cause why not
  4. Cause why not
  5. Cause why not
  6. Cause why not
  7. Cause why not
  8. Cause why not
  9. Cause why not


You know, if anyone ever gets one…


One of the local EX raiders this morning brought her switch and spread the wealth with magic boxes. Mine spawned 17 meltan with one shiny. Pretty good CP, mediocre IV…




Opened my box just now. I’ll let you know in 30 minutes. lol


NO shiny. :wink:


This is one Pokémon I’m not caring about the CP like I do others. I’ve been evolving the the big CP ones and leave them in Gyms to throw berries at in hope of getting more Candy.
I’m due to get my 4th or 5th Box (lost count) in 2-3 days off a friend.


Giving berries to pokemons in gyms could give you rare candies? I did not know, nor experience that yet…


Yeah, it feels kinda random but it does happen. You get the candy of the Pokemon you’re feeding.


Nice! Lucky you have a generous co-players there…


Thanks for the confirmation! I guess I gonna throw my One and Only to a gym then… :smile:


Not Rare Candy.
Only Candy of the Pokémon your feeding.
Thats why I put Pokémon I want or need more Candy of in my designated Berry Gym(s). Any old junk goes in the others.


This shiny meltan thing is the most unfair thing niantic has done up to this point


I need my son to get his switch ready before he goes to school because my Mystery Box is back down to zero!


Do people who get the Nintendo Switch have to actually play Pokemon Let’s Go on it before it starts generating mystery boxes? (If so, about how much?)


You need to play Let’s Go to get to a certain stage in that game to trigger the Box option. After that it doesn’t mater.


Thanks for the info. That pretty much settles it, that I won’t be getting a Switch. I barely have enough time to play any Pokemon Go… Having to play Pokemon Let’s Go just to enable a feature in Pokemon Go would tempt me to say Pokemon Get Lost.