Post Gym Fusions


Ever seen a gym and it was loading the Pokemon all together?

Post the fusion beast. Even name it.
Have fun with it.

I present the ultimate tank. I call it


I have a screenshot of one, but it was along time ago so I will find it.


Freecoins is a majestic Mythical x Legendary. Some say it has the ability to grant greath wealth to it’s trainer if captured. :man_shrugging:t5:


I don’t see how that could die…


Found it!


looks like the pre evolution of freecoins


Little bit bulkier as you are combining two fatties.


To add to the fun, can we name all the mons that are parts of the Freecoin?


Sure. Each user gets to name one mon


Does the first picture from @5GodLink have a flaeron?


Yes, thays yours. I chose Tyranitar.


dont think so


It does.


Look at the 2 little feet


Haha ttar must bully it.


It got stuck in the middle between ttar and blissey


2 fatties, one a bully, one a peacemaker, and tiny flareon…


This monster might be too fat to fly :grin:


True, it flies pretty fast to the coins


Haha. Blissful HAVE probably gave the most coins to their trainers out of any pokemon :rofl: