Post coins earned from gym


Got all my coins from Gyms, post your coins you earned from Gyms


I have the most coins I’ve ever had, 420 coins, I want the 8 lucky egg bundle.





Not sure, I usually spend on incubators or ultra gift.


I got 62 right now


I have 684 but, i only have storage to 700 items and 500 pokemons. So still a long way before starting to gather coins. :wink:


I have 96 right now. So in 3 days, I’ll probably increase Pokemon storage space since we are getting a free single use Incubator each day this week.


How do you get a free incubator


Spin one stop each day and you get a 1 Use Normal Incubator.
Check your in game news for how long it goes for.


Ok cool thanks



146 now. Only 2 more days until I can afford Pokémon storage.


might buy ultra box, still trying to stack alot of coin.


Buy clothes


I’m at 196 right now and it’s almost midnight. Just need to lose 1 more gym after that so I can buy Pokémon storage.