[poll] Community Day shinies are no real shinies


The first Community Day brought me my first two shinies ever and since then I only seem to be able to get shinies on Community Days… To me this feels like they are no real shinies, because it’s just too easy due to the increased chance to get one… Do you agree?

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  • no
  • what are you talking about?

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(Note: I still love every shiny I catch! No need to reduce the chance :wink: )


I got him from a police department not event and lovedisk


Shinies are just extremely rare. I have yet to get Aaron yet he’s so common.


I still have no Magikarp. Bum.


I agree, community day shinies don’t seem as special


Ok. Basically my first shiny was pikachu on community day, but since ive gotten two poochenya, a swablu, a aron, and the other community day pokemon


On Dratini day, I caught 2 and my son caught 10. On Bulbasaur day, he only caught 1 and I caught none. It’s all random.


Just caught these 2, but only after 1400 catches. It’s all down to luck and chance


How did i ever get that mich shiny bulbasaurs?


Of course are they real shinies. I hunted 1,5 hours on a shiny Mareep and I didn’t get one.

If they reduce the chance you won’t get it.