Pokestop Submission is Spreading, already!


It is already in Costa Rica!!!


Wow! Nice one!

I hope its contagious and spread much faster! :joy:


Hey! That’s my originz!


Do you live there?


Are you sure about this? Cause if i have to believe PoGO twitter it only went live about 5 hours ago.


Yes I am sure I have a cousin therr


it should spread fast thn can’t wait :sweat_smile:


Nah, family is from there, born in the US tho.


Hope they will make submitter at least Level 30.


Yes I hope so,

But you will level up quickly.

Just play like a madman with lucky eggs and catching everything on Saturday CD.


Will try to do that :joy:



Also cool profile pic.


It’s a codex :grinning:


Lol I was gonna scan it