Pokemons at gyms should get paid at midnight


I had a pokemon (my strongest one) at gym for about 76 hours, gave him several normal berries and some golden ones, to keep him alive there… I got very dissapointed, when he after so long time at gym only brought 50 coins home…

I think, it would be a lot better, if players were rewarded to have Pokemons out for longer periods of time, and that could be done nicely and fairly, if the days earnings were paid every day at midnight.

Edit: clarifying my suggestion. I don’t mean this instead of the Pokemon getting coins when getting knocked out of the gym, but as a fair way to reward players for having their pokemons staying in the gyms.
What I suggest is, that if a Pokemon is put at gym at 23:50, it will at midnight pay out one coin to the player. And the from midnight again start earning coins at the normal rate.


Yes. 50 coins a day per Pokemon. And they reward you every 24 hours at midnight would be beneficial!


Already made this idea of more stardust for reward.


More coins per pokemon would be overkill. This the only game to reward players with actual currency daily


I think, that suggestion with the Stardust also sounds like a very good idea too :+1:


Everybody wants something simular. Mine are often in for a week and get knocked out on the same day.


this is a very very very bad idea. Imagine the possible abuse that can come with this.
How many players do you think will go out just before midnight and take down gyms just to hurt other players? Many players will never get coins this way


Then you should get how it has always been: Getting a coin for every 10 minutes your mon sat in the gym.


You might be right about that, and I don’t think, it necessarily have to be more coins per Pokemon. But I think there should be some kind of reward/payment for the time the Pokemons stay at the gyms, after day one (it could be Stardust, or the Pokemons could “find candy” like when walking with buddy, or pokeballs or maybe something random, just getting something out of it would be good… else it is just a waste of a maybe good Pokemon, to have him stay there after the 500 minutes…

Or it should at least be possible to take the Pokemon out of the gym, without having to get someone from other team to beat the gym.


I don’t mean this suggestion as replacement for how it is now. If a Pokemon is knocked out of the gym, it should still get paid, as it is now.

So there would not be any more reason to go out before midnight than there is now.


Good Idea, would work for me. Or Being able to pull them out of the gym.


I posted somewhere (no clue where) that we should get stardust from gyms after our 50 coins were collected. There are gyms in my area where Pokemon can stay for literally months and that would make that worthwhile.


Exactly, this if anything is a great idea because it means as long as you’ve had your 8 hours and 20 mins (think thats right?) that day, you don’t need to be kicked out. I’ve lost coins lots of times because of being kicked just after midnight meaning I get no coins for the previous day but also no point in bothering with gyms for that day (other than levelling them up). For me something like this would be perfect.

Only issue is it could make gyms more competitive because people wouldn’t want to be kicked out so would actually put in good pokemon pokemon and bother to berry. This wouldn’t be as bad for higher level players but new/returning players could struggle with gym access (and we know how niantic are trying to focus on these groups). On top of this niantic want us to spend money on the game so chances are they wouldn’t do this. Real shame because I love the idea!!


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