Pokemon with a Red Slash


I have seen from a friend Pokemons with a Red Slash ( / ) on it. What does it mean?


Cant use it in any way, it was obtained through illegitimate means



He have a few of that but others are good. Could I still trade with him safely? He is an early player, started JUL 6 2016 but have stopped years ago (MAR11 2017 last pokemon caught). I am rooting for his early pokemon that could be a guaranteed lucky one but since you said about those red slashed mons, I am now having second thought regarding trading with him. :grin:

Why does Niantic don’t just delete them? Are they sort of reminder to player doing something wrong? :grin:


banned pokemon that were caught in ways that used illegal apps.


The funny thing though was it was not even that important pokemons, I even saw a pidgey and a caterpie and it was not also high IVs (Not even amazing as he is Valor). Only I saw interesting was a Lickitung that could be rarest in early times.

Anyway, he’s not that interested in PoGo these time. When I ask him if he played PoGo, he ask what is that? A new game? and we were laughing after I told him it was Pokemon Go.

So now my concern is if I can trade with his account safely.


maybe the slashed ones wont work for you but the others. Give it a try :man_shrugging:t5:


He is the one who has made things the wrong way, not you. And as long as you don’t try to get one of these red-slashed things, I can’t see any way that you are in danger.


Just thought his account might be monitored in some sort :grin: (just being paranoid :rofl:)

Just for the record, here are those slashed pokemons, nothing impressive :grin: :

  • pidgey x3
  • doduo
  • oddish
  • caterpie
  • goldbat
  • lickitung
  • wigglytuff
  • aipom
  • chikorita
  • hoppip
  • sunkern

Gonna ask him tomorrow what the heck happen to his account with those garbage :rofl:


Maybe just take a look “where” these mon’s have been caught, in comparison with the rest…


I think it is not a “spoofed” pokemons as they are just around the owners residence, some in the same area and others are just the next town and the furthest is the city where he used to work.

I think he might have used third party IV calculators that have cause the red flagged, remember him yesterday saying some of his pokemons are 100% IVs, and he have caught more than 2K but the remaining inventory is just 250 so he already shredded a lot, maybe to find the best IVs.

Also those red slashed one have been caught in a matter of days, no more than a week, so I conclude he just use any third party software for a short time, no wonder his account was still active and not get permanently banned.

Will talk to him later soon about this to confirm though :grin: