Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon



The Pokemon Company has revealed 2 trailer today. I am getting hype now!

USUM page on GO Hub

What are your reaction and thought on whether buying the game after watching the trailers?[poll type=regular public=true]

    1. Surely will buy the game on the release date
    1. No interest on the game
    1. Start following The Pokemon Company to obtain more info about the game
    1. Idk


Ah I can’t buy this game unfortunately! I could only watch the gameplay videos of Pokemon Ultra Sun on YT.


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon trailer


Will download it lol, hope I can get the R4 by then


New Alola Pokedex confirmed!


Spoiler alert: it may contain information which haven’t been revealed officially.


I am looking forward to play this ultra version of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Me and my brother are a die heart pokemon series lover.


First look of USUM gameplay.


“first look” lol yeah :joy:


My son’s copies just showed up in the mail today. Not sure if he has beat the original Moon from last year yet.