Pokémon Trading Cards. (Nostalgia)


I was wondering if most of you started with your love of Pokémon by getting the trading cards as kids? My two boys cost me a fortune!! We’ve still got them all too somewhere, stashed away, hundreds of them, and Yu-Gi-Oh too! Ooh the excitement was off the scale, when they got a Shiny! As soon as we got out of the newsagents, the pack was ripped open, they just couldn’t wait till we got home! I so enjoyed seeing their happy little faces! Maybe you can remember that feeling too! :slight_smile:


Welllllllllll… I’m not a dad…but I do at some points get Pokémon cards and when ex’s or gx’s are found I go berserk.


I kinda meant, remember being a kid getting your cards, rather than a parent, I probably didn’t word it right. :slight_smile:


@Pat no worries :grin: Just you mentioned that you enjoyed watching your kids open cards… only mentioning I don’t got that feeling lol.


@JimDaRaider, they are now aged 20 and 18, and more into PS4 and Xbox, and it’s middle aged me that is Pokémon crazy. I even bought a t-shirt covered in Pokémon. They banned me from wearing it outside though!


Lol I thought you were talking about your kids who just turned like 5 & 3


@JimDaRaider, I was, this is many many years ago…


Yes I don’t understand the feeling of getting mad at your kids when they play too much Xbox lol


Parents worry that they just live a virtual life, instead of real life. That’s why Pokémon Go is such a great thing! It gets people outside. The only downside is you risk getting your phone snatched, while playing. Guess it’s better if people hunt in groups, safety in numbers…


@Pat I remember when the memes came with Pokémon go where there were fat kids who after Pokémon go became buff with six packs and now they’re getting fat again​:frowning:️ :joy:




@JimDaRaider, I just reread and edited my earlier post, I had missed out “now aged” 20 and 18, which led to the confusion, was funny though! :joy::joy:


I noticed that :joy::joy::joy:


I am only fifteen lol. But my love for Pokemon hasn’t started with just Pokemon Cards, but becouse my parents Said that i should Play this game they played when they were younger. Pokemon red, blue and yellow. I played Pokemon red and i loved it. Afterwards i played Pokemon gold, Sapphire, X, alphasapphire, Sun, Platinum, Ultra Moon and crystal.

Jeez i love this gaming franchise


Me too :grinning:


Well, this topic isn’t going to last long :grin::grin:


I started with Pokemon Red and Blue and been hooked ever since then I still buy and collect Pokemon cards Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic I’m 30 years old and trying to get my nephew into all of it so far it seems to be working lol


I started with pokemon alpha saphire


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