Pokemon Rhyme Game!


Basically you choose a pokemon and a location. I chose lapras and a tree. Then you rhyme. Make sure yours has these three things.

10 laprases sitting in a tree. 7 fell off and then there were three. Three laprases not knowing what to do. One died of boredom, and then there were two. Two laprases sitting a a tree, playing in the sun. One burned up and then there was one. One lapras sitting in the tree. He took out a gun and then there was none.

Thats mine, what’s yours?


Whats boredom?


Wow i tought you loved lapras xD
Dont even know of something like that is allowed on forums but we’ll see


Boredom is being bored.


@Jormdeworm said it is :grin:


Couldnt find an age rule, strange


Idk if its allowed
Because of reference to suicide it might not be allowed


I dont know… @Jormdeworm said its fine so…


Im no professional age specialist but i have experience
According to rules it should be allowed(if forums are 12+)


There are people here much younger than ten.


Im not 10 :stuck_out_tongue:


Sometimes boredom is why I go on this site. Pokemon Go Hub forum usually cures that condition.


It did before it got this terrible


:thinking: ???


Forums quality lowered massive last 4 months


Mmmmh, don’t see it.


Its my mistake so, dont talk bout it


Uhhh… you are supposed to rhyme… guys :sweat_smile:


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