Pokemon LIVE action movie - Detective Pikachu


Not only is Ryan Reynolds one of my favorites he is PIKACHU!


It better be funny with him starring!


It looks sick!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Looks like it might be a decent movie at best, but I do adore the animation for Pokemon


I’d bet were gonna see a wild detective pikachu when this comes out.


The pokemon look awesome.


The movie itself might only be OK, but I’ll be there on opening night just to see the live action Pokemon. lol


I’m with you


I got to see the movie on Friday, and it was really fun. They overall did a great job.


Goin to see it Tuesday


wanna see asap.


M3 to


Going to see it with all the family one day this week.


It was fun time at the movies with the kids.


Cool movie, shame we havent got Garchomp in it
Hoping that Gen IX will use these models instead of the cartoony Gen VI ones


The furries? :joy:


I dont really care about that regard
But it looks much more “real” than a 3d version of the artwork