Pokemon Let's Go


Will you be getting? I am still deciding. I like the fact you can put your Go Mon into the game, but i have not played pokemon since Black2. Let’s Go is rather childish and the difficulty i heard is for beginners.

  • Yes getting
  • No skipping it
  • Waiting for next main series game
  • Sticking to PokemonGo

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My kids are looking forward to this on switch.


I am looking forward to this and the gen 8 game.


If I had to spend money on it then no, I wouldn’t get it. That’s why I’m putting it down on my birthday/Christmas list


smart man


When and if I get a Switch, I’ll probably play Zelda and Mario first. By the time I’m finished with them, gen. 8 games will be out, wihch I’ll be getting too. Then, after I’m finished with these, I’m getting Let’s Go.


I dont have a switch but im going to play it with friends who do have a switch


BOTW is pretty fun, just don’t take a long break, cuz it’ll be hard to start playing again. Pokken tournament is fun as well.


Pokken tournement is awesome


I send a mixed message as I am undecided


Oooh buddy trust me,Scald at the second gym is nothing for beginners