Pokémon IV floor?


What is the Pokémon IV floor for guaranteed lucky friend trade?


I have no idea but most the ones I got coming into low 90s


12-12-12 for all lucky Pokemon


Thanks, @Necrozmadabest, so if we are lucky friend, we’d better trade Pokémon with IV 80% or lower to have guarantee higher IV lucky Pokémon for both of us after lucky trade, right?


IVs in the beginning dont matter, as long as you are willing to trade it like this
But yup, under 80% you will be sure it gets better


Thanks, me and my lucky friend are planning to trade some meta Pokémon, like 80% IV Shadow Ball Mewtwo.


Thats a great investment, even if the IVs stay the same you still get reduced price


I didn’t know anything about how trades effect IVs. A friend and I swapped 100 IV Shellder and Growlither (we had two of each) and the IV plummeted! lol


IVs always get rerolled, floor is based on your friendship: 1, 2, 3 and 5 (I think?) for each friendship stage
About as good as catching a weather boosted Mon when trading with a bestie
Lucky trades have a floor of 12, doesnt matter if they were triggered by lucky friends or just random luck


Exactly, can’t get worse than what we currently have, stardust and IV-wise