Pokemon Haiku!


Haiku is a type of Japanese poem with 17 syllables
5 in the first line, 7 in the second line, 5 in the third line.
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Post your best ones here: Pokemon Haiku competition
If it’s about a certain Pokemon but it’s name is not in the poem then you can post it here: Pokemon guessing game Haiku version


I’ll try. :sweat_smile:


Transport Pokemon
Lapras is very clever
Water and ice type


I can’t do this… :sweat_smile:


Same but I’ll try :sob:


This game. It does stink.
I like to waste time with it.
But my wife hates it.


Flying through the sky
With fiery orange wings
Go Talonflame Go!

Pokemon Haiku competition

So vulnerable
Fire chars it’s every surface
Unless it dodges


Pika Pikachu!
Pikapi! Pikachu Pi!
Pi Pi-Kachu!! Chuuuuu!!!




Antenne Pokemon
Dedenne the great
Electeic and Fairy




@pokemon is sitting on my chair
How dare him to sit on my chair
There come a Pikachu and he sat on @Pokemon


Cool but not the right amount of syllables


I know lol


I dig Pokemon
I wish Gen 2 was cooler
still nostalgic though


You dig me? :sweat_smile:


Or not


I gave you a like? lol


Team rocket’s rockin
Prepare for double trouble
Mime! Wobba! That’s right!

Team Rocket