Pokemon Gym Coin System A Bust?


Hey guys! I know a lot of you despise the new Pokemon coin system since the new gyms. It seems like the only downfall of the new gym system.
What do you guys think would be better?
In my opinion, I feel the coins should stack up each day, giving you 50 coins times the number of days your pokemon was in the gym.
If that isn’t an option to Niantic, I would bring back the Defenders Bonus. It was nice to click the little button, assuring that you receive your coins, despite having to wait 24 hours or however long it was.
It was a lot better than being limited 50 coins a day, especially if your pokemon was in the gym for a week.


Yeah , you’re right! The 50 coins is bad enough, but my biggest problem with the new system, though, is the stupid system where your pokemon has to return to get the coins. All that does is encourage stupid “deals” between opposing teams (when the game is supposed to be competitive), and encourages players to put weak pokemon in gyms, just so it’s easier to get their coins (I mean, the situation is so bad, the HUB made an article on what pokemon to put in gyms to encourage turnover :persevere:.) Even if Niantic REALLY wanted to be mean and give us 50 less coins per day than they used to, trainers wouldn’t be AS upset if you could just collect your 50 without having to get kicked out of a gym for it.


yeah, I hear ya. I’ve asked friends on the opposite team to knock down the gym in order to get my coins.
I just really hope they fix it soon, otherwise they are going to loose a lot of players that just came back or have already been playing since day one.


I think it should just give you the coins each day, regardless of it you are still in gym. If you get kicked out, then you get some earlier, if not you get your 50 (or whatever your due) at midenight.


Pretty much agree with this article, especially the Poké Flute bit.


I agree! That article has some great points made!


That sounds good! Perhaps maybe even bring the defender’s bonus back too!


I love the new coin system! I’ve managed to get more coins from the gyms in the past three weeks than I did in the previous 6 months!

My area was filled with Level 10 Gyms controlled by spoofers. Spend 45-60 minutes clearing it out, claim your 10 coins and lose the gym back to spoofers in a matter of hours.

The coins are not the only reward for battling the gyms. Gym victories give you points toward Gym Experience for that Gym. Once you get a Gold Badge for a particular gym, you are supposed to get better drops after Raids. I’m close to getting my first Gold Badge, so I’m hoping that means I’ll get TMs from soloing Level 1-2 bosses …


U can get TM’s from level 1 & 2 already, just low chances.


I think my only problem with the system is that you have to wait for your pokemon to come back to get your coins because it creates a paradoxical situation. You want your pokemon to stay in as long as possible to get that 50 coins, but not too long so that you can get it back to gain those coins.
I love the 50 a day, it allows for people who couldnt load gyms in the old system to get more coins while not making it too abusable.
I agree with @Fundin, keep the limit but either let it roll over by day or get your coins at midnight everyday, no matter how many coins you got that day, up to the 50 coin limit.


I HATE this new gym thing. Before this update, event, whatever it is … my town and the surrounding ones were competitive. It was great to go around to different gyms and either take them down or prestige them and put a pokemon in them. You got an immediate reward and you were rewarded for every day your pokemon defended the gym.

Today I went out and all the gyms were mystic, my team. I had 6 pokemon in gyms when I got home … 1 that has been in that gym for 7 days, a second one for 4 days and 2 others that had been there for 2 days. 2 were returned tonight and I got 50 coins even though they both had been in gyms for a few days.

With the new system all I can hope for is that my pokemon are taken down 24 hours apart or the max I can get is 50 coins … no matter how many or how long they’ve defended a gym. Competition in my town is way down. The gyms I mentioned where I had mon for more than a day used to not happen. It was competitive and everyone got rewarded.

It was fun to compete and it was fun to build up a team with good IVs and high CP. Now I can put a 30CP pidgey in a gym and get the same 50 coins I would get for a 3000 pokemon if it stays long enough. Oh and if I put in a 3000CP guy I get penalized in loss of CP faster.

And the raids? There aren’t enough people at a gym at one time to take down a a powerful raid boss and the ones I have battled are for pokemon that I already have who have high CP and over 90% IVs.


I’ve even resorted to letting my Pocket Monsters starve to death so they return. Nope. Doesn’t work. I’ve have a Xatu with an empty heart for 5 days now but unless another team attacks him, he stays in the gym.


Oooops, that’s changing the information I have about this problem. So in a Gym quiet far away from all movements a Monsters will stay forever?


No. My Xatu should have starved to death 5 days ago. Because no one else has attacked it, it just sits.


Yes, that’s correct. I had an espeon sitting in a gym with an empty heart meter for a long time until someone took mercy and sent it back to me. My new method is to keep what I call a cannon fodder squad…they’re mons I catch or evolve for XP that aren’t worth keeping, but have cp usually from 1000-1500 but bad IVs. I don’t care how long they’re in a gym and once they return I just transfer them.


^^^Thats what I do. The monsters I would normally prestige with are what I put in gyms now. My Xatu just returned.


That’s a good idea! I put my ditto in a gym yesterday and it came back to me the same day!


I hate this new system. I made the mistake of putting one of my best guys in a gym and he’s been there for 3 weeks. I hate it because I get nothing until he returns and that’ll be 50 coins. I wish we could at least get some dust for each day the pokemon stays in gym.


I feel you. I’ve learned to place fun pokemon in the gyms, like heracross and corsola.


Nice do that, people need to see corsola, people like me!