Pokemon GO Meltan Quest: how to get a Meltan via Special Research


Also certain types of spawns are increased to help fulfill the tasks


I caught the Aerodactyl before I looked ahead and saw that it was a quest. Now I need to find another Pokestop. I caught Ditto. I think I’ll use the 5 Rare Candies I get with this quest and turn it into Scyther candies and walk with him I suppose.


I think it is too late for me :man_facepalming:t2: Completely forgot that you can still save a quest encounter up for later…


Are Rare Candies still attainable in Raids? I’ve played a bunch of Level 1 Raids and haven’t received any - or is it just Level 2?

I was hoping to get a bunch of Rare Candies to help in evolving Scyther for my quest.


They are, but you only get like 2 bundles at max in 1* raids


I’d rather get 2 Rare Candies than the Potion lol


To me, tier 1 or 2 raid seldom gives me more than 1 rare candy, unless there was a guarantee of at least 1 rare candy in an event.


While doing the 10 Raid Battle quest, I managed to accumulate 7 Rare Candies - one level 2 raid gave me 3 Rare Candies, which surprised me. I combined that with the 5 Rare Candies from the previous quest and applied it to Scyther.

So question. There is the the Let’s Go: Evolve 2 Anorith that gives you an encounter with Scyther to catch. Is it possible to stack up and find two of these quests and complete both tasks on the same evolutions? I’m still 17 candies away! lol This quest is killing me lol


Yes, you can stack 3 of the same quest and do evolution and complete all 3 at once.


I have 2 of those Anoroth evolve task. I evolved both at same time so it counted twice. Good to know I’ll get Scyther candies for that.




When I first saw all the tasks in this quest I thought… wow… this time, you really need to work for your mythical!

It’s a lot more to catch, hatch and evolve this time, and I like it. I’m currently stuck at the “battle 10 raids” task, which I could do within a day if I wanted, but I don’t want to just throw out my premium passes like that… So I’ll have to wait some days to finish this step, I will probably try to do it within a week.
But I’m a bit afraid of the last few steps. Currently Exeggcute, Anorith, Omanyte etc. are everywhere, just like the Aerodactyl quest (I would trade 10 of those quests for a single Nincada quest :cry:), but these spawns won’t be there for too long, and it could become quite difficult after the event spawns stop.

OK, I do have my Meltan already… My husband has a Switch and bought the Let’s Go Pikachu (bundled with the Pokéball Plus). He wasn’t too interested in the game itself, so he let me play and unlock the GO Park for us…

But I just don’t like it when a special research remains unfinished :wink:


I still need to get Meltan from my son but won’t be able to until Thursday morning. I also won’t be able to raid until then either. I also haven’t caught a Ditto yet. So I’m still on stage 3


Do the quest :shrimp:


Better try to advance the stages as much as possible because the latter stages need some rare Pokémon and the current spawns will change after November 27.


I’m currently at 3 raids, but with Cresselia out (That was… Onixepected :wink: ), I will have them finished this weekend that should leave plenty of time to catch the other stuff, I hope.


Tip if you don’t know yet people…

Battle in Raids can still be accomplish by just entering the raid, the counter will mark it as soon as it was initiated, then you can cancel, no need to really battle. But of course, you cannot get it again for the second time, you need to find another gym.

I can’t just remember if you can do it all in just 1 day. but I believe I remember I have done it with “Battle in 2 raids” in just one playing, just separate gym. Your Orange pass will be returned to you once you left the raid by exiting it.

How do I found it out? Well I do not do raid, but I was just curious about it before so I tried and then exit and was surprise that the quest counter mark a stamp on my quest :rofl:


Up to Stage 6. Time to start raiding.


I managed to get Meltan yesterday. I knocked out the 10 Raids in about 3 hours on Sunday just driving around International Drive in Orlando and pulling over at each Raid location. For 8 out of 10 Raids, I actually battled in the tier 1 or tier 2 Raids because I wanted the Rare Candies for Scyther. For the remaining 2 Raids, which were tier 5 Raids, I did as you describe. I initiated the Raid, had it count towards my quest and then exit. I had 33 Premium Passes, so it didn’t bother me one way or the other. Yet, with me purchasing a Great Box and getting 3 Passes, and then some for completing the quest, I’m up to 29 again, lol. Nonetheless, they are handy to have when a quest calls for multiple Raids to be battled.

I doubled up on the Evolve 2 Anorith as someone above stated. It worked and I was able to evolve Scyther to complete my quest to get Meltan.


Hey just keep an aeradactyol on you the research task is hatch two eggs I’m saving two of them