Pokemon Go In Newport News Virginia


I live near Newport News VA and I’m just wondering if there are any discord groups I can join for the area.


@bobbyjack8 is he near you?


No idea


He will say :wink:


@bobbyjack8 please


It’s like 200 miles away.


Oh lord


Nemisis no then :drooling_face::sweat::dizzy_face:


I am in DMV area, so…




Geographically the DelMarVa is huge. At least three metro areas should be able to support their own groups – Beltway (DC/Baltimore/N.Va), Wilmington-Phila, and Hampton Roads (Tidewater). Is there anything for the latter (where Newport News is)? With Norfolk and VaBch I’d expect it’s capable of sustaining three or four distinct groups.

But it’s been 35 years since I actually LIVED there, so my expectations could easily be off-base.


No, DC/Mar/Vir, that’s my area


Thanks for the clarification. All the historical markers in that area must make it pretty good for Pokemon Go.


In DC, there are lots of people


Having lived in the area a couple of times made me curious about its PoGo potential. But if it’s too off-topic (being at the other side of the state from Newport News, which was the question’s original topic), I’ll just drop it…


San Francisco is amazing anyway