Pokemon Go Goals


Do you have any current goals with pokemon go? Anything you want to accomplish?

Let us know.

Currently i want to get a second move on my darkrai and giratina. Need to get alot of stardust.

My goal is to have a better pvp team than i currently do.


Hundos, hundos, hundos. It’s all about getting those hundos.

EDIT: And completing the Dex, but I think that’s left unsaid since that’s the “goal” of Pokemon games as a whole.


Maxing out many strong/favourite Pokémon and completing the Dex I guess


I only really care about completing the pokedex


Complete the Dex, max at least one good IV version (≥ 91%) of all the eeveelutions (umbreon is the last one I still need a good one, but I have a 98% eevee sitting in my Pokemon storage)

Oh and reach 50M exp


My current goal is to have 50k catches. I should reach that today.


You win the race then. I haven’t been active last half year. I am only at 46 200 catches. Perhaps we’ll find another way to race lol


479 catches to go.


Collecting Gold Gym badges.
Hundos and Powering them up to L40

Don’t care about completing Dex due to region inaccessible or Shiny of everything.


Yup, the region thing is big barrier. I’m hoping eventually we will be to do international trades with Lucky Friends


Well, tomorrow is another day. :slightly_smiling_face:


Getting a Psystrike/Shadow ball lucky lvl 40 Mewtwo


I finished my goal today, so I’ll need another one now.


I’ll try to get Unown now. That’s the only Pokémon I have yet to get from the Johto region.


@Jormdeworm if we ever meet, I have a few spare ones from Paris a while back


I really want to complete the pokedex.
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I wanna map all the gyms I have been to in apple maps, and I wanna reach 60 m exp before they raise the level cap lol


Nothing has changed.
This is still the aim.


Right now my goal is to get my hands on a lucky Porygon, Porygon2 & Porygon-Z. I want them to be purified because I want the attack Return (not as usefull in PvP as it used to be but still…). After that I will unlock their secondary charge attack and maximize them.


Lucky and Purified?.. I don’t think you can trade Shadow/Purified…