Pokemon GO 2018 News


I know people don’t really like when I post fron thid guy because everyone alwayd wants the source.

But the source in this id pretty much your own imagination and it isn’t hard to infer what is coming.

Since @Kevin260709 posted earlier about this guy I found it appropriate to continue posting from him :thinking:.

:grin: Your thoughts? :smirk:


Who is this?


Fastest data miners on twitter.


Community GO News and nice profile pic


I’ll betcha PvP is only for 13+ trainers. :man_facepalming:


No doubt they’ll link it to the Friends feature and exclude a section of the playing community.


More like in Niantic s eyes, 1 percent of the playing population. Ill bet it ill be though. We’ll just have to see


They are your potential future paying players.
If you have them involved it’s easier to keep them rather than hoping they start later when their old enough and might be hooked on some other game.
Advice to all new comers to the game that sign Kids up. Lie about your Childs age so they can play the game with all the bells and whistles.


Good. I like Events. Plus, I like October, usually means another generation of Pokémon to come.
Ooh, Girantina, maybe…


Has no one noticed yet that
Is my secondary
Only because it is linked to google.
I am 12 yrs old


I noticed lol and cool age