Pokemon go 2.0 new team!


The future is here coaches.
Lately I met many coaches and their way of playing which consisted of creating several accounts (one main and one secondary account) but different teams to be prepared if they find a gym that is already full (from the main account) and then use the secondary account to unlock a space and thus win your coins.
And then I discovered the new equipment:
Green team: Yellow and blue player.
Violet team: blue and red player.
Orange team: Red and yellow player
Honestly, I do not like this but it seems that Niantic is not worried about controlling the amount of accounts allowed (1 account per person)
I clarify that I currently have 3 accounts of the same team, but I only use one, since I do not see the meaning of playing with several accounts.


I didnt understand a thing, what “equipment”, what “coaches”?


Unlock space is commonly referred to as shaving and is a Dog act when it’s so easy to take down any Gym now. To shave others out just to put their own in is just plain lazy and they will get found out and word will get around. The the local Pokemon community will deal their own justice with people that do that.


is one of the disadvantages of using a translator,


Let’s see if I understand, are you in favor of this “shaving system” as long as you knock down the whole gym to place a pokemon instead of just unlocking a space or nothing to see?
I ask you this question because I do not speak English and I use a translator to answer.


I’m not in favour of any shaving.
If you play a different colour take the whole Gym and put that colour in.
Don’t use it to create spots or knock the whole thing down only to put the same colour it was back in.


Yep - we know it as chipping here & it is one of the most annoying practices. I’ve called Valor team members out on it as there is no need for it. Find a competitors gym, spend 10 mins taking it down then put yours in…


The new green, violet and orange teams are already here trainers!


What do you mean by those teams?


I run a valor account alongside my instinct ones (sorry mystic, :slight_smile: soon) for kicking down my own gyms. The game is getting quite boring, we need something new. What this means is that nobody takes down gyms for weeks on end… so I need to take down the gym and get my coins as often as possible. I admit there have been times in the past when there were more players I did the thing where you knock someone off for a space, but this was carefully done so that anyone involved got their 50 coins at least.


Nice to meet an orange team member


Players with multiple accounts of different colors is not a new thing, its been around as long as the games been out.
I know players that have one of each color and switch between playing them. They normally have one favorite they tend to play more than others.