Pokémon Direct announced for Feb 27: Generation 8? | Pokemon GO Hub



Take a hike, Niantic. To make CD a fixed-time event that we have to schedule the rest of our day and week around is one thing; but I’m not putting a livestream info broadcast at the top of my priorities to start the day.

I love your game; but you aren’t THAT important.


For me it is at 3 Pm. I am going to watch this


I’ll lets others watch it and then they can tell us all about it on here :grinning:
I like the game but not enough to travel the world for events or watch that.


Uhhh its not Niantic who makes the direct


I’ll be at work. lol

Check that. 6AM here? As in an hour from now? I’ll be here. lol


That is in 1 hour. I am hyped



got my iPad set up for the stream. It is counting down!


The starters are kinda… Odd… But the games look fantastic


Gen 8! Pokemon Sword and Shield. :smiley:


Yeah, they look very similiar to eachother design-wise. Very round?


That as well, and with the exception of Sobble (I think thats its name?) they seem to actually be the species of the ones we’ve seen in the “leaks” with a monkey, rabbit and platypus


I thought this same thing!

The starters are:

Fire - Scorbunny, a rabbit creature
Water - Sobble, a lizardy creature
Grass - Grookey, a monkey


tbh I think they look like they could keep their pure typings




Just Made this one


I Find the starters odd, but I hope that the evolutions will be cooler. Most likely. But I am hyped for the whole package


Better pic: