Pokémon collections-What do you collect?


Do you have any Pokémon that you collect (cough hoard)?? I personally have a pichu collection that I’m very fond of and will probably never evolve.


Still waiting for Garchomp to drop in


Although I have more farfetch’d (never transferred any) this is my favorite squad


my absolute favorite lineup. 5 x 3 x special pikachu, in descending order of CP.
OCD-ers will love this :smile:


Can we have an award for the most satisfying PoGo screenshot ever?

Anyway, I guess my collection is to never hold more than 2 of the same pokemon (unless it’s a shiny/special move). Really, I can’t stand it! Everytime someone asks “how you don’t have 6 Machamps by now?”, I add a Medicham to my Fighting-type team.


I just transfered 27 dittos




100iv Gyarados :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:
I dont have a Gyarados in 3000cp and i dont have a 100iv


Wow, that’s what I’m looking for, that are results of collectors… I love it


I love collecting Pineco. Me and my friend made a Meme about Dank Pinecones, so I enjoy catching lots of them.


I would like to collect Mewtwos but I haven’t gotten an EX-Raid pass yet.


Well If that isn’t depressing I don’t know what is :cry:


The only collection i had was Mewtwo. That ended during the double candy event where i transfered 6 cause i had 12 and i keep a maximum of 6 per legendary (unless they are all worth keeping)


I do collect the Pikachus with different hats.


Question imight as well be a noob i had a busy few years and stopped playing cause it drained my battery too fast but now im getting back into it. Any tips atm i want to collect shinys but i only have swablu hahaha i also dont know anyone else who plays so raids are gunna be a disaster and im only level 21 lol i know i suckkk…



Congrats on that. I don’t have a Shiny Swablu but keep 400 candy on hand at all times in case I do catch one. Best time to catch Shinys is Community Day. Charmander is next in 2 weeks.


Didnt even know that was possible


Lol I don’t even have Altaria. Still waiting for 20 Candy.