Pokemon april fools


What april fools joke do you think we will get from niantic this year?


There may not be one because there wasn’t an april fools event in 2017. We might get pixelated sprites again


It’s April Fools every day playing this game every time you click on something and it’s not Shiny :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


What was the April Fool’s joke last year


Pixilated Pokémon sprites (sprites of Pokémon from when they are in your box in Pokémon Sun/Moon)

And the prankster Pokémon, murkrow, had its shiny released


“Pixilated” since when did fairy types take over? (I know that it wasn’t intentional)

And about abilities again, we could be seeing another event for a pokemon with prankster ability?


Oh yeah that’s right I forgot about that I hated that so much