Poké Desert


Hello people, i got a question for the level 40’s of this pokemon GO community:

I read that level 40 people can fill in a form to request new pokéstops. I am a level 24 player that has an account since 2016.
Unfortunately pokestops in my region are quite rare. Now there aren’t many landmarks around, but i figured if someone would submit some mediocre things here like the playground, a bench with a good view or our power distributing building we would have a way to get to pokestops/a gym without crossing high traffic roads or take the bike and specifically ride towards one. (the only other things here in our neighbourhood are houses with kids of all ages, no shops, no candystores, no restaurants,…).

Someone willing to help me?

Thanks in advance and have a nice day!


People need to be at the location and POI submissions arent available everywhere


Thanks for the information, i guess Belgium will not be on their list?


Our local Ingress players here get us new stops and gyms


playgrounds do wonders for pokestops. If you can find someone to submit them those should be your priority, they’ll be approved 99% of the times.

But, as already noted, Ingress players need to be at the location to submit.
Also, i don’t know if Ingress players can approve POI’s if they are not nearby, that might make it even harder.

Also also, Belgium… a few months back West Germany and Northern France got POI submission in PoGo, perhaps you (and me a few miles north of you) will get another option soon.


We just got new gym yesterday, that you have to follow a trail into the woods and can’t drive there. Pretty sure that will be easy Gold Gym Badge.


No idea for PoGO but with Ingress Prime you dont need to be at the location itself. You can change the location on a map (~30km radius i think) and you can upload pictures from your phone so if you have someone who can take that picture for you and send it to you you dont need to be on the spot. Just somewhere in the region.


Where in Belgium? Maybe @magoose6 can help in the future


In Lokeren (in the middle between Ghent and Antwerp)


Been past that town this weekend, but i never ever come there. @magoose6 is from the eastern part of belgium


I’m from Maaseik. As already been said, it’s our local Ingress players that create the pokestops.


If they launch their PoGo submissions for pokéstops i hope they drop the level line to lvl 20 or below. Those are the players that have really need for it. If you can get to level 40 it means your neighbourhood is probably okay to superbly covered. If i start playing ingress i encounter the same problem :thinking:


They wont. OPR (the submission system) is already being flooded by just level 40 players. Lowering that will only make things worse and totally clog up the system.