Playing Pokemon While on a Cruise


Hey all,

I will be going on a cruise for 2 weeks on Royal Caribbean. Has anyone still been able to play while in open waters? I figure I should be able to play in any of the stops once we port, but I wasn’t sure about while sailing. I’d love to hear about anyone’s experience with this.



As long as you have wifi, you can play. Don’t know about spawns. Maybe close to the coast you can find a spawn, but on open sea that chance will be very little i think


Take incenses with you if you want any Spawns lol


Thanks! I currently have 15, so i’ll save them for cruising! lol


Read this, someone tested the theory:


That was a great read! Thank you. Wow, practically a Pokemon a minute with incense.


And more:


Incense work the best when moving. :slight_smile:


Hope your cruise ship has a Pokéstop. I went to Jaimaica 2 years ago and luckily it had stops but no gym. I made sure to get 20 gyms before I left and still got coins 5 days into trip.


Good luck, hopefully you can find something on the waters. When i went to Alcatraz tour there were some but at actual Alcatraz there were stops.

Hope that Gyrados doesn’t whirlpool the boat!


I also hope so… @ronnievision also take a watchful eye on Team Rocket!


Thanks! I have over 400 Pokeballs stocked up waiting for this cruise and over 2,000 coins for purchases. I think I’m in good shape right now.

I’m going to Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Mexico, St. Maarten, and Honduras, so it will be interesting to see what Pokemon pop up there.


Lots of Heracross and Corsola.


I live in Florida, so I already have tons of Heracross and Corsola. lol


I’ve been on a couple but have never had internet access as it can be quite expensive on some cruise lines. Try not to use maritime roaming data, that’s even worse. There is usually free wifi at the port, follow the crew! Hope that you get some interesting catches. Enjoy your trip to paradise, sounds great.


I only used free WiFi on resort


Later this year I probably go on a cruise in Asia. I hope I have good wifi. And hope they don’t block games.


Only china does


Yes but the flight most likely will be making a stop in Bangkok.


Oof…good luck man