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Next time I’m down in LA I can always trade one to you




Maybe one day I will be vacationing in Hawaii and catch Corsola there.


@Ryan21, just curious, where did you catch your Corsola?


Hawaii, on Maui.


Wow, you are on vacation?


I was last year September


@Ryan21, good to know, thanks! How is the Corsola and other Pokémon spanws on Maui?? Common? Uncommon? Relatively rare? Ultra rare??


Hmm I’d say that I had a hard time finding Corsola, but I’ve heard from friends that they didn’t have as hard a time as me. :man_shrugging:t3: Guess it depends on what island you go to and what town/city on that island. And spawns for other mons decent amount of water types obviously. I’ll DM you the list of Pokémon that I ended up finding and keeping from Hawaii


It’s all luck about finding Corsola. Good to know, thank you, @Ryan21




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When I went to Jamaica last year, I had no problem finding Corsola. It was Herracross that was difficult. Only caught 1 the whole time I was there.


No, I’m not. I’m a low level player and normally I only attend level 1/2 raid


Doesn’t matter, you can do raids if you are over level 5.

And @Brobraam seems to have a good group.


Near Los Angeles, California


Multiples. One for Rijswijk, one for delft, two for The Hague, one for Voorburg to Leidschendam, one for wateringen, another one in rijswijk (of which I am owner)


I am thr owner of my group of one


Cairns Australia


I caught both heracross and Corsala in Florida