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@Cup, your cat looks like it is lonely too, lol


Naw before and right after taking this picture of him I was bit by him repeatedly for waking him up so he was mad oh so very mad


My cat doesn’t bite or meow


I wish mine was like that


Still seems normal, unless it started barking :rofl:

Be on the lookout though, and don’t make it mad, it might do the fury swipe :rofl::


She doesn’t have clwa in the front either :joy:


My cat likes the way I smell when I come home from work something about the chemicals we use drives them crazy don’t know why when I first get home the cats we have like to lick and bite and rub on me


Flat Rock MI


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One of my cats litterly exepts everything. Grabbing him by his tail and towing him across the room is just fine by him. The only thing he does is look at you. He is so silly. He isn’t the smartest but he is so sweet.


I wish my cat was sweet he’s just very mean and aggravated when he was a kitten though he was so nice and cuddly now he’s just a jerk


In the end of february next year @ARandomName Will be the closest forum member for 5 days lol


Are you going on vacation to somewhere near him/her


Yep. I do


Close to Philly, PA. Actually Levittown, PA.


Not really looking for friends, but I am in the northeast.


I’m in southeast


That’s alright. Do you know of any groups or anything that try to hit raids? Just moved out here in August and it doesnt seem like theres much of a community out here.


I don’t really raid too much, but check out discord or whatsapp (I don’t know any groups though)


Thanks for the info! I’m not super familiar with those apps so I’ve just been trying to find people on my own. Guess I had to learn sometime :joy: