Players in your area


No problem


Port Macquarie NSW Australia

On the bird days we had anywhere from 50 to 100 players.


how do you get legendaries then


I’ll be in Cali next month once I’m done traveling what part of Cali southern or northern ?


Campbelltown NSW Australia.


Around the SF Peninsula – mostly San Mateo and Foster City (where there are at least a few dozen devoted players), often Serramonte (Colma), sometimes San Bruno, and occasionally San Carlos - much safer places to walk around playing PoGo or hanging around to raid than the neighborhood where I live and work, about 20 miles away.


Go southern


Where are you going?
(PM me)


In general I’ve found that the Bay Area has a lot of stops within a couple of steps from each other while SoCal the stops are more spaced out between the blocks. Pokémon wise I’ve caught a pretty decent variety from both areas, though the Bay Area and the beach areas in SoCal have a lot of water type Pokémon. Ultimately I’d say it depends on what do you want to do in California, there are plenty of things do to and see in the Bay Area (and the Sacramento area as well) as well as in Southern California. (Though I’ll say SF peninsula like @vorgriff3 since we’re both NorCal players)


Keminmaa, Finland


I’m from Denver, CO, but I have friends as far as the UK who play.


West Yorkshire here :slight_smile:




San Francisco, CA, USA.

I’m in bay area, near pier 39

MP Me for a simple trade for quest.

Yellow Team - Level 35


I’m also in California so cal to be specific!
Anyone else in social? Or ie? Reply or pm if u want I need some new poke friends!


I’m in LA but woodland hills to be exact.


I think @TheSmashley760 is in Inland Empire


Yes I am in the Inland Empire! But I’ve lived all over so cal


Haha! Hope you have a great time leveling up! Riverside is awesome :grin:


Yes as a matter of fact I am! Lol how’s the city of Angels treating you? Yes I am in riverside howdy u guess? Did u add me yet? Ive gotten like 11 friend requests already thanks for the help. Have u ever used the pokemon go messenger app?