Piplup hinted to arrive first from gen 4


Here’s the link, if anyone wants proof. Forbes

Here’s another one, for anyone who wants to have another credible source. Daily Express




Very true, Niantic made a post referencing Piplup’s Pokedex entry or description.


God **** it.

Piplup was yesterday, Chimchar, was today, turtwig will be tommorow, and gen 4 on Monday?

Have fun if I am true!


Forbes just makes articles, they have no proof.

Not saying they are bad I am just saying they just make articles.


They do, Pokemon Go refers to Piplup’s Pokedex entry. Piplup would b the one who makes sense


I don’t see any piplup nearby tho


And they referred to Chimchar in the same way


Bidoof arrived first for me. Got 8 of him before something else new spawned.