Pick a challenge!

Well, now we need the solution: who win?

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There are 2 eggs left. After I post them, I will announce the winner.

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Bad memory, I thought it were 10…

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…and we are still waiting for the next hatchling! Crikey - it’s been 10 days since the last revelation… will we ever know the answer? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Egg #11 (12 km)
Surprise! :star_struck: :tada: :partying_face: I can finally get Krookodile!


that’s a nice surprise. I want one too!

Egg #12 (12 km) Last egg!


And the winner is…

Celery!!! :clap: :trophy: :tada:


I’m making a post to compare all the predictions

[edit] this is very tedious work so it will take half an hour probably
[edit 2] finished


wow that took a while. Was a needed re-learning of html tables though


Full overview of @Branebs’ challenge, and who guessed what. If you see this on your phone, the full table is only available while using your phone in landscape mode.

Member Number
Branebs 1
Jormdeworm 2
Brobraam 3
Celery 4
bobbyjack8 5
bagguile 6

1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Timburr Darumaka Feebas Timburr Shinx Pidgey
2 Mienfoo Darumaka Mienfoo Axew Shinx Pidgey
3 Timburr Darumaka Dratini Timburr Shinx Pidgey
4 Espurr Darumaka Espurr Espurr Shinx Pidgey
5 Klink Darumaka - Klink Shinx Pidgey
6 Audino Darumaka - Darumaka Shinx Pidgey
7 Goomy Darumaka - Emolga Shinx Pidgey
8 Klink Darumaka - Rufflet Shinx Pidgey
9 Vullaby Vullaby Vullaby Larvitar Trubbish Pidgey
10 Scraggy Vullaby - Absol Trubbish Pidgey
11 Sandile Vullaby - Sandile Trubbish Pidgey
12 Pawniard Vullaby - Pawniard Trubbish Pidgey
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Thank you @Brobraam! I have a Bonus Challenge for all of you. I hatched 3 more 10 km eggs. What are your predictions?

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klink, tynamo and shinx?

@Jormdeworm @bobbyjack8 @celery @bagguille what are your predictions?

As much as my sugestions of Pidgeys costumed have not been valuated positive, I still think all you hatch are Pidgeys… :joy: :joy:

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1 x Emolga :expressionless:
1x Audino :roll_eyes:
1 x Mienfoo :grin:

Who else would like to make their predictions?

I’m better in predicting when I know the outcome.

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But predicting is telling something before it happened… lol

3 Shinx