Pick a challenge!


I made a list with 10 challenges for you. You pick a number (only one number per person) and I tell you your challenge. To prove that you completed the challenge, post a screenshot or a link. Let’s begin!
1 A. Write something in 10 different topics (completed as in #6) B. Write something in 10 consecutive topics (completed by @Kevin_v_Hoften)
2 A. Give 10 likes to whoever you want (completed by @alex9945) B. Give 10 likes to the maker of the challenge (completed as in #3)
3. Post a picture or a screenshot (completed by @UltraInstinct841)
4. Post a meme or write a joke (completed by @Pokemon)
5. Post your recent catches (completed by @P0kem0nMum)
6. Change your profile picture (completed by @Brobraam)
7. Do a tier 1 or 2 raid solo (completed by @Cup)
8. Hatch 3 eggs and post your hatches (completed as in #3)
9. Use 5 different emojis in your posts (completed by @bobbyjack8)
10. Make a poll (completed by @Lingyujie)




@UltraInstinct841 your challenge is to post a picture or a screenshot.


Of anything?


Yes, you choose.



Can I choose another number now?


No, one number per person.




@Lingyujie your challenge is to make a poll.

  • Branebs
  • Brobraam

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@Lingyujie change the d to b.


I pick 7


@Cup your challenge is to do a tier 1 or 2 raid solo.


Ok I’ll hunt one down when I get out work in a few hours I’ll add you to then


How come cup has to do something in pokemon go
But me and lingyujie do sonething reallt easy


Do you live next to me in Texas we can do a 4star raid


Because there are different types of challenges. Some can be done right away and some take time. All challenges are numbered. It’s a matter of luck what you’ll get.




@Brobraam your challenge is to change your profile picture.