Pick a challenge!


I’m ready this time


Before next TRD begins we must know who will be Giovanni and who will do challenge number 4 from last TRD.


I Will be Blaine. Our first name initial is the same and I love science.

Oh and for those who dont know, Blaine had made Mewtwo for team rocket


What was Cheddar’s number 4


It’s a secret. If you pick that challenge, then you’ll find out, but you must accept it whatever it is.


Maybe a gym leader day in the future


Blaine was on team rocket


I’ll do it


You’re too late. @5GodLink has already done it.


@Cup but there’s an empty spot for Giovanni. Would you like to be him?


No one has completed any of the challenges for a while


What are thay




Would you like to start new challenges?


Start a new set on next Team Rocket Day


I will.