Phone keeping you awake?


Hi all, don’t know if this comment will be accepted, because it’s more about phones than Pokémon, but as we spend an awful lot of time staring at our screens, I hope it will be useful to someone. I’ve just read an article about how the blue light emitting from our phones disrupts sleep patterns, which I did already know, but I was still using my phone late at night. The article mentioned a free app for Android called Twighlight. ( There are others too ). Apparently iPhones have Night Shift, which is the same, anyway maybe you are all already aware of these things, but I wasn’t, and from the moment I downloaded it, my eyes felt a whole lot better. It’s kinda red, rather than blue now, and it is different somehow from just turning the brightness down. Hope someone finds this useful, to the rest of you who already know, sorry for boring you.


I love night shift on my iPhone. I think it does help some.