Overseas Gifts for Gaining Trading Distance


Would anyone like to have an overseas friend such that the 7km alola egg could be received overseas ? When the egg is hatched, you may trade it with local friends for trading distance.


I was wondering this actually


I’ll be trying it today.


So do you have all of the aloans that can be hatched?


I still need vulpix


So then what will you trade?


Exactly the same as me, i’ve hatched 15 Sandshrew but 0 vulpix


Vulpix be rare… I have sooo many meowth and a few grimer but no vulpix.


Well you can take into account that vulpix is pretty rare in game @JoshHack


Lol i didnt even hatch 3 7km eggs


Haven’t hatched vulpix, but got a 100% Alolan grimer from @Pokemon


I still dont have any 100 ivs :sob:


Do you check everything before transfer and catch everything that moves?




Oh. Well you can say I had immense luck with my 100IV Rhydon. First Pokemon caught. And I just kept it.


Well it’s changed now, after around 40 eggs i now have 3 alolan ninetales


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