'Original' Pokémon 'Type' Community Challenge!


The challenge is to post ten different Pokémon in each type, following the order on this chart I found. I have kept a screenshot of the chart on my phone, so I don’t have to keep returning to the top, to check what comes next.
(Six hour rule applies).
What I think will be good is because there are ten in each type, you can usually still post, even if someone beats you to it, unless you post the same one. :grinning:


Why not? Start you…


Should they be like bug and poison, or bug and flying, or just the named type?


It’s your topic, @Pat, so I’d say "What you want.”
If you like multiple typings, we do that. Otherwise, we don’t.


I don’t know, I’ll wait for a while to see what people suggest. I don’t mind really, but I haven’t really thought it through. Lots of types are more than just one type. Don’t want it to be too complicated or it will put people off. Simple as possible really.


I’m gonna start it.



Did I do it right?






5 / 11



Would you say the chart works top to bottom, or left to right? Grass, or Dark next? (After ten).


I’m still not shure when we have to jump to the next square, is there a number defined?


I just thought ten of each, but if someone posted by mistake, and it was nine or eleven, no big deal.


Ok, but then we have to use a counting. Everybody has to show the amount, if not, we have to count again and again to see if we have to jump or if we can post anotherone…


7 / 11


So 11 then, ok.