Online Pokedex Checklist


Hey guys, I spent ages trying to find an online pokedex where I can tick off pokemon that I have but couldn’t find one so I made my own! You can check it out right here.
Hopefully someone else can find it useful to them and if you have any suggestions or feedback please do tell!


Thanks for the link, awesome website.

I’m 89.9 %, but there is six in the dex unattainable.


Thank you! That’s an impressive collection. I might remove them for now then so that it’s actually possible to finish.


I was looking for ome but couldnt find one, like you. Thanks so much! :grin:


Glad to help! :blush:


All good. Is there any way to save this or do I have to use the link every time? Should I bookmark it?


What do you mean? Save it like an app on your phone?
Bookmarking is prolly the best option.


Ok, I will save it as an app. I really like it :+1:. You could make an app! :grin:


Thank you very much! Maybe I will make it into an app soon, we’ll see!


Here it is! :wink::+1:


An app would be appreciated , would download immediately. Along with millions of other people, i’m sure. Something like this would do well, especially with the upcoming gen 4.


I will make sure to let you know if I am planning on making it into a standalone app!


I put it in the general discussion so you could get more people.


That’s awesome, thank you! :blush:


I reloaded the website and now I cant see my percent :sob:


I only noticed two things:

  1. Rayquaza is missing.

I like this site. Got 96%.



Sorry to hear that. Is it still gone?


Thanks for the feedback, both are now fixed!


Nice one, you’re not that far off!