October and November Community Day Dates Posted


Just saw this when looking for something else: https://pokemongolive.com/en/events/

October 21 and November 10. Nice to have the dates this far in advance! I like to go to a different city each time and this is really helpful!


I know :grin:. Its nice of them :slight_smile:


Betting on Gastly and Cyndaquil :crossed_fingers:t2:


Gastly?? :rofl:


I’d rather have a halloween themed community day in October than Ralts (sorry guys :laughing:), and i really want to see the OP Gengar moveset make a godly comeback to this game #BringBackShadowClawGengar


Haha, you have any good gengar?


Or Misdreavus, would mind a shiny one + good IV in preparation for Mismagus


October - Gastly. Seems logical following the Halloween/Ghost theme.

November - Cyndaquil, to follow up on the Johto starters.

…just my guesses.


My best one is 93%, not amazing but it’s fine for now


We totally need Ralts shiny. The main reason I don’t think we’ll see Gastly is that shiny Gengar is basically completely indecipherable from regular Gengar. I’m happy either way.


If it is Gastly for October, I hope Niantic will fix the sparkle animation bug very, very soon😅


Sparkle animation bug?


Yeah. Everytime when I catch a shiny, the sparkle animation doesn’t appear for me, and I know I’m not the only one who has this bug.


Same for me


Oh boy, I desperately need Gen IV. These CDays are cool, but they don’t add much excitement to the “daily” game :confused: