November will be the best month


Sorry for getting all my news from this guy.

But he told me why :wink:.

It WILL be the best month.


well duh November is going to be the best month, its my birthday month! :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:and im sure great PoGo things will be a happening


Lol everyone was saying that, were you one of those people?


They will.

TONS of good things.


probably, but then again I always say november is the best month lol



I already made a megathread.

But that doesnt even compare to what id coming in November :wink:.


November going to be the best Month has to = Gen 4 ???


And more.

There is more :wink:.


If more is PvP then I couldn’t care less about that.
Gen 4 will do for me.


Same :wink:.


nah, @Pokemon is mostly just excited that its my birthday month :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol


I only care about Gen 4 with new monsters to catch and collect.


November be the best month my birthday and Gen 4 :grin:


Based on last year we’re going to see new pokemon from Gen4 and a large Thanksgiving event as well, probably with some new legendary raids too


every quarter Niantic has a huge update in terms of content that is not new pokemon or events.
They annopunced PvP for this year.
it’s pretty safe to assume PvP will be released in november. That and the first wave of Gen IV with halloween.


The only way I see it being great is by releasing Gen IV. This tap tap pvp is pointless to me.


chances are low but perhaps a combat rework will come for PvP?
Gen IV would be nice but definitely not make november ‘the best month for PoGo this year’ as said by OP. Gen iV is a small gen and we already had bigger updates this year that would qualify for ‘best month’
I get it though, we all want GEN IV, that will be extra.


If Niantic will do “13+ can pvp” again i would almost stop playing…


i’ve said it before @Kevin260709: just trow away that kiddy account and stick with your new account. The longer you spend time on it the more frustrating it will get, ruining your fun.